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Facebook is still far and away the best site for sharing photos with friends, but pretending that the acquaintances we’ve accumulated during life are our friends is an outdated way of thinking about social networking.

Facebook’s friend problem | The Verge (via thisistheverge)

This is a smart quote.  And one of the reasons Facebook’s Foursquare-esque product launches (Facebook Checkins, Facebook Places, Facebook Nearby, Facebook Friend Finder, etc, etc) don’t concern me.

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Keepin the dream alive @dens


For the first time, scientists have created early-stage embryos using cloned cells from adults.

A study from Advanced Cell Technology published Thursday in the journal Cell Stem Cell highlights how researchers were able to create embryos from the skin cells of two men, ages 35 and 75. Tissue from the embryos featured exact DNA matches with the donors.

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Excited for this to re grow my damaged brain parts someday #fingerscrossed

US Is an Oligarchy Not a Democracy, says Scientific Study

A study, to appear in the Fall 2014 issue of the academic journal Perspectives on Politics, finds that the U.S. is no democracy, but instead an oligarchy…:

"Despite the seemingly strong empirical support in previous studies for theories of majoritarian democracy, our analyses suggest

Our oligarchy system will go a few different ways. One way is the snap back of a depression, another is a revolution, as seen in Europe before and after WWI, or the slow fade out into mediocrity like Great Britain.

Should be exciting to see which one we go with this time. I’m betting on the British model.

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